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Poszukiwanie partnera do projektu w ramach Programu Interreg Europa - LUKSEMBURG


Szanowni Państwo,

Krajowy Punkt Kontaktowy Programu Interreg Europa w Luksemburgu przesłał ofertę współpracy potencjalnych partnerów z Luksemburga.

Luksemburg chciałby dołączyć jako partner do projektów tworzonych w określonych poniżej tematach.

Luxembourg is looking for projects under development!

"research&innovation" and "SME competitiveness" Fields of interest related to our Smart Specialisation Strategy are:
Innovative materials (particularly Nanomaterials/-technology and Composite materials)
Biotechnologies applied to health sciences (Personalised or precision medicine)
Information and communication technologies (Connectivity and data centre infrastructure, smart grids)
Ecotechnologies (clean/green technologies, circular economy (including green procurement), sustainable contruction, sustainable mobility particularly e-mobility)
Logistics sector (intercontinental multimodal logistics e.g. special interest in high added value logistics e.g. pharmaceutical products)

"low-carbon economy" and "environment & ressource efficiency": For Luxembourg together with Sweden the highest amount of CO2 reduction until 2030 is proposed: 40%. So there are very good arguments, why Luxembourg is engaging in projects for
-  CO2 reduction, especially in the transport sector.
Being a small country one of our rarest ressources is
- land

- biodiversity

In general "circular economy" is very high up on our political agenda.

Osoba do kontaktu:
Contact Point Interreg North-West Europe & Interreg Europe
LERAS GIE - Luxembourg European Research and Administration Support
c/o Ministère du Développement durable et des Infrastructures
Département de l'aménagement du territoire
Division des Affaires européennes
4, Place de l'Europe, L-1499 Luxembourg
Adresse postale : L-2946 Luxembourg
Tél. (+352) 247-86930
Working hours : Mon, Tue, Wed & Fri 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. | |

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